Why You Should Choose FilterSmart When Look For a Water Softening System

Hundreds of different types and styles of water softening devices are available today. You have to be careful about which ones you choose. FilterSmart is a leader in the industry and creates some distinctive units. Here are some reasons to choose FilterSmart when looking for a water softening system.

Whole-House Systems

Many water softeners you will find either attach directly to faucets or hold just a small amount of water at any one time. A reason to pick FilterSmart is that whole-house systems are offered. The mechanism for softening the water hooks directly into your plumbing system. This means every drop of water coming out of your faucets or showerheads will be softened. The water can be softened on demand so that you never run out. This is more convenient than other systems.

No Salt

Some of the most common water softening systems around today work by exchanging the molecules in the water with other ones not normally there. Salt is the most frequently used substance. The minerals are drawn out and replaced with salt to help soften the water. The problem is that you will be drinking all that salt when you pour a glass of water from the tap or cook with it. FilterSmart offers salt free water softening systems. The filter does not force salt into the water to remove the minerals. This allows you to stop worrying about your salt intake if you are dealing with high blood pressure.

No Electricity Use

Many water softening units run on electricity. The units draw electricity from your home all day long. This can greatly increase what you pay for power every month. A benefit of filtersmart systems is that they do not use electricity. The systems rely on filters, water pressure and gravity to function instead of electrical pumps and motors. This allows the system to work in nearly any location or home.


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