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5We has humans consume water on a daily basis, we interact with water on a daily basis from taking a shower to sipping out of the faucet, but we always have that fear that the water is just not right. Now we have another approach to our water system filtering needs. Filter Smart, provides another means of doing just that filtering your water so that you get rid of all those unwanted chemicals and bacteria in the water, but with Filter smart you can also get the salt filter allowing you to bring down the hardness of your water, this in return will give you more comfort when taking a shower, known that the filter is working to get your water softer for you as well, letting you feel not so beat up by pelting shower water.

The Filter Smart system can be purchased in three ways, first you can get just the water filter for your drinking system, or if you want that smoother hair after the shower you can purchase the salt system, or if you really want to drink pleasant water and have a nice shower than look at the combination pack getting both filters.

A huge benefit of using the filtersmart system is also the process that it provides you as it will leave your calcium and magnesium levels untouched, and will also allow you to get rid of salt bags that you have to add usually to make your water softer, by doing this it will get rid of that extra sodium deposit in your water which is a cause for health concerns, so by adding this filter system you can also get health perks along with better water to drink.


Filtersmart Water System

filtersmart_18a1263_1Everyone needs water to survive. Filtersmart water is an excellent system that will help remove impurities and salt from the water. The Filtersmart system also work to make water softer.

The filtersmart system helps prevent hard water from building up within your pipe system. The system will remove chlorine or harmful chemicals that may be in water. Filtersmart does not use potassium or salt to treat the water. It is a salt-free process, that is certified to treat water. The salt-free water softner that we use, is called TAC (template assisted crystallizations). When you choose this method, the use of sodium is not required. It’s an amazing system that also protect your piping from limescale or corrosion.

A Filtersmart uses a variety of filters, and guarantee you the best water treatment. It’s reliable and easy to install. The chemical process that is used is natural, and ensures that calcium, magnesium, and minerals are retained in your water. The absorption process includes- installing a coconut shell and organic substance, that will keep your water pure and healthy. The advantage to drink fresh water, will improve your lifestyle, and remove any traces of elements from your water supply safe up to five years. You tap water will become pure. The advantage to drinking fresh water, will improve your lifestyle, and any trace of elements from your water.

Filtersmart water system is a health benefit that you will appreciate. It saves you money from buying bottled water, it treats and make your water softer, remove impurities and elements, and it has a lifetime warranty on the tanks and valves that you need to use. We also would be happy to replace them, if something happens to your products. You will be glad that you invested in a Filtersmart water system.




Hard water is something many people feel that they need to live with. There is no reason why a person should have to suffer with hard water any longer. There is now a system will help remove salt and other sediments from the water. The filtersmart filter is also to remove salt and make the water softer.

This Filtersmart system is aloe to remove a lot of the impurities from the water. This system can remove scale that is already in the water. It can also help prevent the hard water from building up in the pipes and causing damage. This system will also help remove the chlorine from the water as well as other harmful chemicals that are in it. A person will not only be able to feel the difference they will be able to taste it as well.

The FilterSmart system is different from other water softeners. It does not use salt or potassium to help treat water that is considered to be hard. It is salt free as well as TAC free. There will be nothing added to the hard water including harmful chemicals. The filter will add beneficial minerals to the water helping a person get the minerals that they need on a daily basis.

A person no longer has to deal with hard water in their home. The filtersmart can help remove harmful chemicals from the water and a person will be able to feel and taste the difference.

Filter Smart


The Big Deal about Filter Smart Company

The given resource points to the website of a company known as filtersmart.This is an interested and very beneficial website that sells a good variety of filters to you, ensuring they will give you the best of services. The sort of filters that this company advertising and sells not just help provide good healthy water to you but are also eco friendly. Most if not all of their filters are sure not to waste any amount of water or electricity when used. This company is fairly easy to contact and even provide instant chat and a phone number to contact them.

More on the Company

There are many other great factors that need to be discussed when using the products of this company. The filters can help the customer save money on salt and water as well as help lengthen the life expectation of appliances. The filters and softeners of this company and easy for one to install and are actually maintenance free. It should also be mentioned that the company offers a lifetime warranty on the tanks and valves that if offers and will no doubt be happy to send you a replacement if something happens to your product in the near future.


This website will no doubt improve your life and those around. The website is sure to offer several reviews of other customers on their site for you to view and determine if the website will better suit you. As stated before this website is easy to contact and even offers free shipping for it’s products. I would highly suggest this for those who wish to drink healthier water or simply are curious about filters and softeners. More information of the products can be found on their website.

Filtersmart Info

2The filtersmart is one of the leading companies in water treatment. It offers no salt water treatment systems which are more reliable than ancient methods that are still used up to date. The chemical process used is advanced and ensures essential minerals like calcium and magnesium are retained in the water you use. Our technology is ideal as compared to outdated means because it takes a shorter time to clean water. No long hours are experienced in recycling like in cases where traditional softeners are used. We have the right remedy to your drinking water needs.

Whole house water filters services
Experts have come with an easy way of removing chlorine from water that is consumed. New coconut shells are installed in your water systems to help absorb the chlorine that is contained in water. The absorption process is efficient. The coconut shell has high levels of carbon which makes it possible to absorb other volatile organic and inorganic substances. Your family will be kept safe by having a constant supply for up to five years. These compounds are capable of cleansing gallons of water in your tank or supply line. Every drop comes from the tap pure and safe for drinking or bathing.

Salt-free water softener
The company has designed a perfect way to keep your water soft. Hard water is often a challenge to many people when it comes to using. We have created an automated system called TAC (template assisted crystallization). The benefit of this method is to help remove all impurities that make water hard within a short period. When you choose this method, no more use of sodium is required. The process is also efficient to maintain since less electric power is needed.

Other benefits why you should hire these experts is to ensure the environment is kept clean and secure. No effect is caused to the surrounding because chemicals used are biodegradable.

Home Water Filtering Activities Need to Be Improvised

filtersmartHome water filtering activities need to be improvised. Filtersmart combos have been designed bearing this need in mind. Filtersmart combos are the latest types of water filters that utilize special ways of filtering water to improve their consumption experiences. Many people are concerned with the safety of the water they take, and therefore need a good filter which can be trusted with different water filtering activities around their homes. Filtersmart has been in the market, selling water filtration appliances for some time now. This proves the fact that the company is not new in water filtration activities and can therefore be trusted with the job.

Filtersmart products

There are various types of water filtration activities as needed by client. For this reason, filtersmart has sought to come up with different products t suit this varied needs. Salt free filtration filters have been the most celebrated in the market. This is the leading product amongst all the products that are produced by filtersmart. Other products sold by this company include whole house water filter. The difference between whole house water filters and other types of filters is the fact that this filter serves the purpose of filtration in a large scale manner. It fits family water filtration services since it has the capacity to filter end store more water that all the filters sold by the company.

You need to filter your water

There is a big need for any individual to filter water before consumption. If not filtered, people might take water with some components that are not seen with naked yes. There might be an assumption that treatment is all that is needed to make water safe for consumption. There are particles and components that cannot be removed or killed through treatment. For this reason it is therefore wise for people to buy filter smart products and reduce the risks of suing no- filtered water.

Experience the Health Benefits of Filtered Water

Many people buy bottled water because the filtering process used to make it is more efficient than what is used for ordinary tap water. Not only does the extra filtering help the water taste better, it makes the water healthier for the body as well. The good news is that people can get the same high quality water in their homes by using a water filtration system. A filtersmart system could help remove undesirable particles from the water used in most homes. This system is available in different styles to meet the needs of those who wish to have cleaner water.

Fresh Drinking Water Anytime

The main advantage to using a system such as filtersmart, is the ability to have fresh drinking water anytime of the day or night. The unique carbon filters used in these systems remove more chlorine than what normal city filtration systems are capable of removing. They also remove trace elements such as copper or iron, which helps make the water taste as fresh as the bottled water sold in stores. A whole house water filtration system will remove undesirable pesticides and herbicides as well as harmful organic compounds that can sometimes get into a water system.

Convenient and Affordable

The filtersmart water systems are designed to be easy to install. Once installed there is no need for any further maintenance. These system help people save money by not wasting any of the water sent through the system to the tap. No electricity is required to operate the system and it eliminates the need to buy bottled water from the store. Not only will a home water filtration system create better tasting water, but it will also make the water cleaner for cooking, bathing and showering. People will see and feel the health benefits of filtered water both inside and out.

Filtersmart Info Investing in a Clean Water

go-saltOne of the advantages of investing in a water filter is that it saves you the extra costs incurred in purchasing bottled water. A filter will enable you get water safe for drinking from your taps. There are two common types of water filters in the market today. There is one that uses ions and there is the salt-free filter. Both serve the same purpose, but the salt-free filter has more advantages. Filtersmart is a professional company dealing in the supply of such salt-free filters.

Our Products

Whole House Water Filter
This system uses carbon in eliminating chlorine and other chemicals in the water, producing water that is superior in quality and taste.

Salt-Free Softener
This softener does not use electricity to work soften your water.

Filter/Softener Combo
This product has both a filter and a softening chamber. Just like our other products, it utilizes chlorine in the removal of chemicals and odor. The softener on the other hand utilizes TAC technology ensuring that scale from the softened water does not build up in the tank.

2in1 Filter Softener Combo
This system operates just like the filter/softener combo. The only difference is that the filter and softener here share the same tank.

Why Choose Us?

Our salt-free filters and softeners will not need a lot of space for them to be installed. Therefore, you do not have to worry about having limited room.

Our products go through quality control processes, all through the manufacture stage up to the time they get to you. We ensure that you get maximum value for the money you use. With our products, you will never have to buy bottled water again.

Customer Dedication
What do you think of a company that offers you a lifetime warranty, if not customer dedication? Learn more about water filter systems at filtersmart.

Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water

1You have a number of options when it comes to drinking water. However, you should definitely consider choosing filtered water. Below is a list of reasons you should drink filtered water:

Dangerous Elements And Compounds Removed From Drinking Water

Your tap water may have a number of dangerous elements and compounds in it. Arsenic is an example of something that may be in your drinking water. Arsenic is a carcinogen, and it has been linked to cancer. Aluminum is something else that may be in your drinking water. It has been linked to numerous health problems, including Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease and learning disabilities.

Bottled Water Is Not Better Than Tap Water

Many people drink bottled water because they think it is cleaner than tap water. However, studies have shown that 40 percent of bottled water is just tap water. That is why you may be wasting your money on bottled water. There have also been concerns raised about the BPA in bottled water. BPA is a hormone interrupter that has been linked to obesity, early puberty, breast and prostate cancer.

If you buy your own water filter, then you will not have to buy bottled water anymore. This will benefit your health in the long run. Furthermore, it is important to note that having a water filter is cheaper than purchasing bottled water every day.

Improved Health

There are many ways that drinking filtered water can improve your health. Your body will have an easier time absorbing nutrients, which is essential for your health. It can help keep your skin hydrated and promote weight loss. Additionally, drinking filtered water can help you detoxify your body.

Read more information at filtersmart.

Why You Should Choose FilterSmart When Look For a Water Softening System

Hundreds of different types and styles of water softening devices are available today. You have to be careful about which ones you choose. FilterSmart is a leader in the industry and creates some distinctive units. Here are some reasons to choose FilterSmart when looking for a water softening system.

Whole-House Systems

Many water softeners you will find either attach directly to faucets or hold just a small amount of water at any one time. A reason to pick FilterSmart is that whole-house systems are offered. The mechanism for softening the water hooks directly into your plumbing system. This means every drop of water coming out of your faucets or showerheads will be softened. The water can be softened on demand so that you never run out. This is more convenient than other systems.

No Salt

Some of the most common water softening systems around today work by exchanging the molecules in the water with other ones not normally there. Salt is the most frequently used substance. The minerals are drawn out and replaced with salt to help soften the water. The problem is that you will be drinking all that salt when you pour a glass of water from the tap or cook with it. FilterSmart offers salt free water softening systems. The filter does not force salt into the water to remove the minerals. This allows you to stop worrying about your salt intake if you are dealing with high blood pressure.

No Electricity Use

Many water softening units run on electricity. The units draw electricity from your home all day long. This can greatly increase what you pay for power every month. A benefit of filtersmart systems is that they do not use electricity. The systems rely on filters, water pressure and gravity to function instead of electrical pumps and motors. This allows the system to work in nearly any location or home.